Monday, February 23, 2009

Eva's Dance Performance

Eva was quite the dancer! She followed her teacher (Raquelle) quite well but she moved to the front whenever she could. I thought she would be more like my personality which is to hide in the back. We were amazed at the overall performance and all that was done to accomplish this show:) It sure was a joy to see our little girl grow up! Our first performance by Eva, snif snif....
We are excited to get our DVD and photo CD :) by Teneal and Amy! And will post some more when we get them:)

Here are some photos that I took during that night from my comfy seat:)
(OK family now you have the pictures:) enjoy! Hint I wanted to wait til I get our CD, sigh)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Eva is growing up!

Eva wanted to go to play at Sofia's home today and I told her that Sofia was sick... then she told me her friend at school is sick too. I did not quite get it so I said: "oh, but we cannot see Sofia today". Minutes later, she told me that she was sick too and that it is Okay to visit Sofia. She is growing up too fast and getting some more brain cells.

Another story from last week... I had my two kids in the bath and I let the bath fill up a little higher then usual. I was about to turn off the faucet and she told me "no".
I told her that it is dangerous to have the water too high and that she can drown. She looked puzzled then told me with confidence and cockiness that it is Okay to have the bath full because she can just STAND UP and not drown. And I responded by saying that one can still drown... and with more attitude she said :
"We can stand up and not drown!" I want to laugh because I thought it was cute but I still turned off the water... huh!

Eva's floating head!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Few Christmas pictures

The night before Christmas we have the kids open their first gift : Matching PJ :)
Then we put out Santa's cookies on his special plate.
Christmas morning Eva found the plate empty and was excited to see all the gifts:)


Ian's favorite gift is a ball from the dollars store and Eva is this cash register from Santa
(actually we still do not know who it is from, so if it is you please tell us so we can thank you:)