Sunday, April 25, 2010

Trying to get back to normal.

I am finally trying to get back to blogging... ( I realized that I am not good at it because I am not a good writer).

For some friends and family members who are wondering how we are doing... this is a brief summary:

Mia is now 4 months old and is healthy. She loves to babble.
Ian is addicted to sports and Wii.
Eva is getting a personality and becoming independent especially when she dresses.
I will need to get a photo montage of her wardrobe selection.... it is quite colorful.
Micah still working and his schedule will be worst next year;(
Moi, still trying to figure out why my blood pressure will not drop and wondering if there is a guide, out there, for moms who are wondering if they can survive with a messy home with active children. LOL.
Any tips would be great:)